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Family First Aiders is all about family. That is why when our founder’s mum (Alice) called to say that she had just used her new skills to save her granddaughter’s life, it brought it all even closer to home.


Hear Alice's story here on the Vanessa Feltz show, BBC Radio London

100% of our participants tell us that they feel more confident after doing one of our classes. Amanda tells us why our approach has made her much more confident than classes she had done previously. 


Amanda, local mum

It is so important that all parents know Baby First Aid so that they can be prepared to react in an emergency situation. Sam explains why this is so crucial and why she feels our courses should be regularly provided so that all parents can do it.


Sam, local mum

We work in partnership with Haringey Health Visitors and Children's Centres to make sure that all families have the opportunity to learn Baby First Aid. 

Hear what Health Visitors and a local mum think about the classes we ran for them at Stuart Crescent Health Centre in Wood Green.

Haringey Health Visitors

Feedback & comments we've received:

“It was really informal and relaxed as you came to another mum's house and we could have our babies with us and ask questions throughout the day. The whole things was so useful and I didn't realise how much I didn't … there was a lot of 'common sense' we had that was actually quite wrong. Not only am I confident when Seb has been choking - to give him big powerful back slaps that has resolved it, I've also been confident in telling my mum and husband what to do in similar scenarios, as well as aware of what tell tale signs will let me know that it is serious. Such a great program and always astounded when I meet mums who haven't been on a first aid course, I just want to ask "how do you know what to do in an emergency?” Tayo, 2016


“My son cut his foot really badly on the beach on a sharp rock. It was pumping if blood!! We were miles from anywhere and normally I would have panicked. Due to my first aid training I knew I had to get something tight tied around that bad wound. The hospital commended me on what I'd done to stop the bleeding!!! This was invaluable!!! Had it not been for the training I would have got myself into a right state and Jack would have ended up losing a lot of blood.” Julie, 2015

"This is brilliant, I recommend for all parents in Haringey to improve parents confidence." Trudy Ann, 2014

"I'm very happy that this course is being offered to parents. I wanted to do the course 2 years ago but found the course price very expensive. This course will give me piece of mind during any emergency situation." Tasmin, 2013

"Really great course, thanks for putting this on locally and at such a reasonable cost". James 2013

"A really important course for all people who care for children. Totally worth knowing how to save your own child's life. Don't miss out sign up now!" Sarah, 2013

"I did this course with my husband and we both found it really useful. There was plenty of practical exercises and the atmosphere was really friendly, some people came with the whole family. I think the course was really good value for money as normally they are much more expensive." Yulia, 2012

"Brilliant training for anyone who looks after kids. Book yourself a place now!" Sabina, 2012 

"After listening to friends accounts of various scares (e.g. hot tea spills, baby not breathing) I've been looking for a course like this, and this one is a really good price. It's also baby friendly, which is great, as it means both my husband and I can go, and bring the baby. I've booked." Kate, 2012

"As a new Glam-Ma, I found this course an absolute must! It has been nearly 30 years since I looked after a baby so updating first aid skills was vital. The course was fantastic value and covered life saving skills every person, not just mums and dads, need. Fantastic training."

Alice 2012